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Our Behavioral Tracking, Lead Generation Solution

Will 2X Your Closings!

Watch This Pre-recorded Webinar to Learn How

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What Do Others Think Of Us?

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Marc is turning the “lead gen” world on it’s head with his innovative approach to behavioral marketing. His quest for knowledge and ability to stay ahead of the curve is sure to give Clear To Close Digital, and their clients many years of success!

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Years of hard work and research have made Marc the preeminent authority in the Internet Marketing & Branding World. No one knows the complex nuances of how to generate warm inbound leads, in more intimate detail, than Marc. He’s the straw that stirs the Clear to Close drink and I’m blessed to be associated with his dynamic firm. Marc Arner is nothing but success!

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Marc has put together an incredible team of conscientious and concerned people whose mantra is

“Service, Service, Service!”

The fruits of his good works?

Marc’s success for his clients has gained for Clear To Close a coveted spot in the “Top 10 Lead Gen Companies” in the world. As the “new kid on the block,” watch for him to make bigger and greater waves in years to come.

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We’re tracking over 225 million people every day & we know which of them is looking into a home loan “as we speak”, so you can get to them first!

Here’s how it works:

2X Your Closings


Our partners are getting over 175 exclusive leads every month (with an automated 3 channel follow up system that converts over 40%). We’re actively looking for 1 exclusive partner in your area.

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About Clear To Close Digital

Marc Arner and PJ Cammarata have been on the leading edge of the Digital Marketing Industry since 2007. Over the last five years, we’ve invested millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours developing our world-class Behavioral Tracking Lead Generation Solution.

We track the behavior of EVERYONE in your area who’s researching mortgage options right now!

We market to the needle, NOT the haystack with pinpoint accuracy before your competition even knows they exist!


We are actively searching for EXCLUSIVE partners in selected areas.

FACT: You Will Either Partner With Us Or Be Forced To Compete Against Us!