Marketing That Will Increase Your Revenue

Create a buzz online.  Revitalize your sales.

I’ll Create A New Website for you so that people will understand what you offer within five seconds.

I’ll help you clarify your message so people understand what you do and how they can benefit from working with your business.

New Website for Staryard

Connect with your customers

I’ll clearly walk your customers through your sales process. (without confusing them or driving them away).


New Website for Staryard

Solve their problem

I’ll direct your customers to the product they’re looking for — the one they need to solve their problem.

New Website for Staryard

Grow your relationship

Stay connected, even after they leave your website! Now you can build your relationship and sell to them over and over.


Your New Website Will Increase your revenue.

New Website for Staryard

Your new website will Speak More Clearly than Your Competition With An Easy-to-Understand Tagline.

For example:

• We Can Paint Anything
• Your lawn will look perfect
• Get fit with a personal trainer
• Let us cater your special occasion
• Lease an apartment within walking distance of work

New Website for Staryard

Your new website will Clearly Ask for the Sale—Converting Browsers into Buyers. 

An obvious Call-to-Action will be included.

Examples of direct calls to action:

Buy Now
• Place an Order
Get a Quote
• Schedule an Appointment

New Website for Staryard

Your new website will Visually Display the Success your client will Experience if they use your product or service .

New Website for Staryard
New Website for Staryard

Your new website will break down your products and services into bite-sized categories.

New Website for Staryard
New Website for Staryard

Your new website will clearly communicate your Brand.

Connect quickly—and powerfully—to your customers and prospects.

New Website for Staryard

The Right Choice

New Website for Staryard
New Website for Staryard

Process & Timescales

Step 1  Design interview

We need to get to the bottom of who you are, what you stand for and who you stand beside.
Only then can we begin to create a design that portrays the value you offer in a way that resonates with the people who matter: the people you want to do business with.

Step 2  Design presentation

New design concepts will be designed. Naturally, there will be a common theme but we try to think outside the box and come up with something that isn’t obvious. This is often where the best ideas come from. 

We’ll go through these options and decide which direction to take and any adjustments.

Step 3  Website content

Now we have your design locked-in, we can begin to construct the website. I will be in touch with you to help put your ideas down through the “voice” of your new brand. 

Any photos will need to be gathered at this stage.

Step 4  Website build

Using everything I’ve gathered, your website is built. Once it’s done, I’ll present it to you and go through the details in accordance with the objectives originally set.

Any amends are made at this stage.

Step 5  Launch

The launch process is a carefully considered one. We need to ensure email addresses don’t go down, the site doesn’t have any downtime, any old links are re-directed to the new pages and several other things. 

This is something I’ve done dozens of times before.

We always launch late on a Friday night to give us the best chance of getting any issues ironed out.

You can sleep easy knowing I’ll be on-call over your launch weekend to ensure everything goes according to plan. 


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