e-Commerce Website Solutions

With STRATEGIC NewMedia, you can own and operate an eCommerce store and also offer online purchases through your website.

What is e-Commerce?
The term eCommerce, e-Commerce, or Electronic Commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods online through the use of online stores.

Another alternative is an eCommerce marketplace, such as Amazon.com and eBay.com. These websites allow sellers to upload their own products and sell them through one inclusive domain.

Many of these platforms take credit card payments and electronic payments through PayPal and similar services.


What back-end elements should an e-Commerce site have?
For all e-Commerce site owners, the ability to monitor, measure, and manage all online transactions is essential!

If online retailers don’t take care to track and archive this important information, receipts and order forms may end up floating away in cyberspace.

Comprehensive, digital records for customer accounts, orders, and sales activity in general can boost not only efficiency, but productivity as well.

Now that you know what e-Commerce means, learn more about PayPal ACH – one type of e-Commerce website solution.